About Us

Who are we?

The Antonio Group is an independent, family-owned retail business that spans four generations and dates back to 1932. We are Gibraltar's leading jewellers, watch makers and luxury brand specialists.

Where are we?

The Antonio Group presently operates out of Antonio Diamond Boutique, Antonio Jewellers, Prestige Jewellers and Prestige Elements - four high-class jewellery and watch outlets on the Main Street of Gibraltar, each targeted at a particular type of customer and each with its own character and charm. We are a real bricks-and-mortar retail group, with all the values and traditions associated with quality luxury retailing.

What makes us special?

Well, the people at Antonio Diamond Boutique are customer-service experts that just happen to sell luxury goods. We specialise in the customer experience and in customer satisfaction. Yes, of course we have beautiful products that we are incredibly passionate about and enjoy selling - but that's secondary - our customer is king. For the last 65 years, our business has been built around you, the customer, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have grown with you in all this time.

Why buy from us?

When you buy a designer branded piece of jewellery or Swiss timepiece from us, you are dealing with an official authorised tax-free dealer of that brand, a dealer that will immerse you in the world that brand is presenting and give the education and values the brand portrays, not some grey market importer unable to guarantee their product, or a ‘replica’ house specialising in branded fakes. When you buy from us, you can be sure that every item purchased in our stores or on our website is a brand new original piece sourced directly from the manufacturer at official tax free prices. Every brand we represent has us registered on their website for your own peace of mind.

What guarantees do we provide?

All our products are accompanied by an Official International Manufacturer's Warranty made out in the name of the purchaser.

The diamonds used to create all our jewellery are ethically sourced pursuant to the Kimberley Process, i.e. they originate from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in strict compliance with UN resolutions.