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The Antonio Jewellers Group is very much a family-run operation, with the present Board of

Directors now in its third generation:


Sunder Mahtani is the Chairman of the Board, with overall responsibility for financial and non-retail matters. He is a qualified Management Accountant, a long-standing member of the Hindu Merchants’ Association and a prominent member of the Gibraltar Business Community.


Suresh Mahtani has served as Group Managing Director since 1992. He holds a first-class honours degree in Computer Science from the Imperial College and a distinction-grade Masters in Law from the College of Law. As a practising barrister-at-law, Suresh is also a founding partner of Wilkinson Law Barristers & Solicitors.


Prem Mahtani joined the company in late 2004. Prem holds a degree in Retail Business Management from Oxford Brookes University and has undergone extensive management training with Signet Group in the United Kingdom where he completed a one-year stint with H. Samuel’s

‘flagship’ millennium store in Milton Keynes and an 11-month term managing the Ernest Jones Rolex branch in Watford. An award-winning photographer and videographer, Prem is rarely seen without his camera gear and most of the images on this website were captured by him.