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Planning a trip to Gibraltar? Arriving for the day on a cruise liner or a bus? You could get even more out of your Gibraltar holiday with our VAT-free prices on leading watch and jewellery names. If you've been planning to treat yourself, it makes sense to get the best price possible and with sizeable savings on UK recommended retail prices, Antonio Group makes shopping a pleasure. Discover our selection of top watch marques including IWC, Omega, Breitling and other leading watch brands as well as an array of exquisite jewellery all at VAT-free prices.

Unlike other British VAT-free zones, we don't give you complicated and time consuming forms to fill out in order to claim your tax back. We don't have systems in place to mail back forms where you hope and pray you'll actually receive your savings.

At our stores you get transparent pricing from the outset that is VAT-free, duty free and completely tax free. Period. The best part? You don't need to visit us to take advantage of this pricing. All our products are listed on our site for your convenience with excellent shipping options worldwide. Happy Shopping.