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Regular servicing of your watch and frequent maintenance carried out on your jewellery can ensure the longevity of your favourite items for optimum enjoyment all year through. Here at Antonio Group, we understand the importance of an investment piece, and to ensure that every piece of jewellery purchased from us keeps its value, we endeavour to carry out a very thorough and meticulous analyses of your watch or piece of jewellery before any repair work is carried out. In certain cases, a watch will be under warranty with the manufacturer and can be sent off for specialist repair or service work with experts at their repair house. Brands such as IWC, Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Longines and Bell & Ross will also ensure that the item is sent back for specialist work to be carried out, whether under warranty or not. In many other cases, our watch technician and expert goldsmiths can carry out the work for you here in-house.


Our team of first class jewellery experts and watch technician here at Antonio Group, offer an extensive range of support and repair services to do with your jewellery or your watch. This includes the likes of: valeting, water resistant testing, watch strap and bracelet repair and adjustments and battery replacements. Favourite and often worn pieces of jewellery should be regularly checked to ensure any essential work required can be for seen and quoted for.

Valeting: Labour intensive and requiring specialist training, valeting your watch involves ultrasonic cleaning, using materials that are specifically designed to clean the most delicate of watch parts and precious metals. Certain mops are used for various polishing techniques to enhance the lustre and sheen of your watch without affecting other mechanisms and components that are not being worked on at the time.

Water resistant testing: With many brands offering water resistant cases constructed made from different materials, water resistance varies between each manufacturer. During the water resistant testing process, the watch is subject to the pressure normally experienced at its potential capability. Note: if a watch is being moved whilst submerged in water, this drastically increases the pressure on its gaskets, thus even in shallower waters, the watch does not always have to be worn at the maximum stated depth before damage can occur.

Battery replacements: In many cases, our qualified watch technician can re-fit a new battery to your watch on site. This procedure should always be sent in for professional expertise to avoid irreparable damage to your watch, including its tightly-sealed case or the over-handling of the battery’s delicate surface. If for whatever reason, the battery cannot be replaced by us here at Antonio Group, we are more than happy to organise for the watch to be sent off to the manufacturer in order for specialists there to oversee the procedure. In either case, we will always try to offer the quickest possible turn-around time, or at least, a guidelines that is of a satisfactory standard.

Strap and bracelet repair and adjustments; Fitting a new strap to your watch can be carried out by us here at Antonio Group. We can source a direct replacement from the watch manufacturer and fit the strap in-house, thanks to our close relationships with direct contacts working at prestigious watch manufacturers from around the world. On the rare occasion that a direct replacement strap cannot be sourced for your watch, the manufacturer will suggest an alternative. We also stock a variety of standard leather, alligator, silicone and metal watch straps at our watch repair site here at Antonio Group, so finding a suitable strap or bracelet for your watch is guaranteed to be a flawless and hassle-free experience with us. We also offer a free strap re-sizing service a part of some of our watch purchases online and in-store. For more information on this, please ask a member of staff at the point of your purchase.